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The regions top choice of education partner within tailor made workplace security and similar services.

A safe external resource

Great Safe is a flexible, comitted and agile service provider. We make sure you have the correct and updated information, the adequate competence and a safe existence. This to ensure that your staff always returns safely at home and that your company avoids expensive sanction fees.

  • Tailor made educations in safety and workplace security – lift, fall protection, first aid/CPR and much more.

  • Statutory fall protection programs – a program adjusted to your specific operations that also includes education for all staff members.

  • Inspection of fall protection gear – Great Safe makes sure that you always have your gear in good condition and that the annual inspection is taken care of.

  • Digital staff ledgers – Great Safe facilitates your construction project startup, your ongoing projects as well as securing your compliance with Skatteverket (Tax Department).

Our vision is to be the regions primary supplier of educations in safety and workplace security.
Quality, knowledge, personal service and excellent customer relations shall always be found in our instructors, our material and in our pedagogy.

Lift operating courses

Full education that ensures the operators safety and security.


An easy, smooth and inexpensive way to secure compliance to tax law without risking unneccesary sanction fees.

First aid/CPR

An education in First Aid/CPR empowers individuals to act and help out if an accident should happen.
It is better to do something than nothing at all.

Fall Protection

Do you sometimes work at a hight or at a depth in excess of 2 meters?
Is your gear inspected annually?


The purpose of the education is to provide the student with a theoretical foundation emphasizing performance and safety regarding safe lifting.

Chemical working environments

Full education aimed at projectleaders or workers were allergenic chemical products is present.


The purpose of this educationis to ensure safety and awareness.

Flammable Works

Flammable Works is a new and modern education for anyone who works with parts where there is a risk that a fire could occur.

Basic fire protection

The education helps to create awareness when it comes to preventing fires aswell as fire fighting.

Rapid information & Safety news

We ensure a current and relevant flow of insights  regarding modern safety and workplace security solutions. Follow us on LinkedIn and on our website.

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