Flammable Works is a new and modern education for anyone who works with parts where there is a risk that a fire could occur. The training meets the requirements of the insurance companies and corresponds to the Fire Protection Association’s course “Hot work”.

All work that in any way causes heating, such as welding, soldering, drying, must be performed fire-proof. Those who carry out temporary work at risk of fire must undergo training to obtain the necessary permit.

The Flammable Works program provides a valid certificate according to the insurance company’s terms. Our education is also adapted to conditions in different industries. Those who attend our training get an understanding of risk situations in their particular workplace and can directly apply the knowledge in their work.

Flammable Works were developed by SVEBRA (Swedish Fire Safety Company) and Sweden’s Construction Industries in consultation with Sweden’s leading experts in the field.

Works at risk of fire

An education in Flammable Works provides the certificate that the insurance companies require to perform a temporary job that may cause heating and the risk of fire.

When a work with a risk of fire is to be performed, there must be a licensee responsible for ensuring that a special permit is signed by the person who is to carry out the work and any firefighter who will supervise the work. All must have a valid certificate that must be certified before work commences.

The permit list is a checklist where you go through the safety rules to be followed. Everyone involved in the work goes through the permit list and makes a risk assessment of the work.