Since January 1, 2016 there is a team of electronic personnel lenders in the construction industry. The Swedish Tax Agency makes daily unannounced visits to check that the law is being followed and if shortcomings are found it entails control fees.

App or regbox – Great Safe takes care of everything and you work on as before the law
Contact with the tax office – Great Safe assists with information and assistance when the Swedish Tax Agency is coming to visit We have done this to several companies, we have stepped up the ladder
Information – training of staff, information on building start meetings, instructions at the workplace
Testimonials – reconciliation on the projects
Summary – After completion of the project, responsible companies can get a summary of all contractors
ID06 Card – The industry’s card to make it impossible for unauthorized people to stay at the construction site, thus gaining black work and raising the safety of the building.
Do you want to work as usual and in a simple and easy way follow the Electronic Personnel Act, you contact Great Safe.