Course Target Scaffolding:
The purpose of this education is to increase the awareness and awareness of the participant, and to ensure a safe working environment. Fall crashes are the most common cause of death in the construction industry. This is one of the reasons why trained builders are required. The Work Environment Authority has imposed sanctions on all companies that violate the requirement for education.

What does the law regarding Ställningsbygge say?
According to current regulations, AFS 2013: 4 – Position, anyone who performs, draws or substantially changes a scaffold must have undergone documented education / information. Anyone who works with positions of 2-9 meters must have undergone general education. The manager or supervisor of the work must have at least the same level of education.

Target group
The course is for you who build or lead position construction.
Before the course start, participants will read the course material.

From the course content Position 2 – 9 m
• Laws and regulations
• Planning
• Safety during construction, dismantling or alteration.
• Measures to prevent the risk of falls of persons or objects
• Permissible load and dimensioning
• Material and material handling
• Bottning, stabilization and anchoring of position
• Supervision
• Personal protection
• Installation
• Examinations

Great Safe educates according to the knowledge requirements regarding AFS 2013: 4 – “Scaffolding”